Responsible Procurement


Doing Business with The China Navigation Company Pte Ltd.


The China Navigation Company Pte Ltd (CNCo) is committed to working with suppliers, agents, consultants, contractors and partners that best meet the needs of our organisation fairly, legally and ethically. 

We procure the following main category of goods and/ or services in accordance with CNCo’s Procurement Policy, Corporate Code of Conduct, Green Guidelines and Supplier Code of Conduct:

  • Ship Spares, repair and maintenance
  • Manning services
  • Operations equipment and services
  • Bunker Fuel Procurement
  • Logistics Services
  • Shipping Agency Services
  • Corporate (Legal, Consultancy, Human Resources, and Travel)
  • Marketing (Advertising, Printing, Events, Sponsorships)
  • Information Technology (Consultancy, Hardware and Software)

CNCo is committed to Responsible Procurement. We value our relationships with our suppliers and are keen to develop strategic partnerships to sustain long term business development. We aim at working with suppliers who share CNCo’s vision, values and commitment to sustainable development. To facilitate an efficient and transparent procurement process, please refer to CNCo’s Terms and Conditions of Purchase.    


Thank you for your support.