Welcome to Swire Bulk

CNCo bulk division (Swire Bulk) runs a balanced fleet of owned and long term chartered tonnage with an initial focus on the handysize segment. The company aims to create value from the competitive advantage which modern, fuel efficient ship design affords, focusing on the development of long term relationships with cargo charterers and industrial shippers who ascribe value to sustainable shipping, and with whom the economic and environmental advantages can be shared.

CNCo has ordered 16 fuel efficient Swire B.Delta39 vessels at Chengxi shipyard for delivery between October 2013 and May 2016 and a further 8 Swire B.Delta39 vessels from Ouhua shipyard for delivery in 2015 and 2016. Furthermore, CNCo has placed orders for 4 Imabari38s for delivery from Imabari Shipyard in 2016.  In addition to the owned fleet CNCo have chartered 14 modern bulkers and loggers on long term period.

Swire Bulk have offices in Singapore, London, San Francisco, Melbourne, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing and Miami.