Training & Safety

CNCo strongly believes that training and development of our seafarers is the key to company’s success and the drive for safer operations causing zero harm to our staff and contractors. Over the past few years CNCo has invested heavily in training which has resulted in a significant reduction in the number of incidents on board our vessels.

With quality training being essential to maintaining standards in the shipping industry, CNCo strives to be a leader in this field. The Company has developed its own Safety Awareness training Courses (SAC) which is a requirement for all officers to attend every three years.

The course structure looks closely at the “soft skill” elements of safety and safety culture as well as operational safety which are assessed.

The following areas are covered by 5-day SAC training:
  • Understanding Safety culture, establishing a Just Culture, becoming a Family member.
  • Understanding Risk and hazard identification.
  • Near miss reporting- understanding the concept and the benefits. Defining their potential severity by worked examples.
  • Understanding Company’s Safety Management System (SMS) structure with emphasis on familiarisation training.
  • Group learning and exercises on completing Tool-Box Risk identification Permit (TRIP).
  • Work planning exercises.
  • Ship Stability and Lashing modules.
  • Ship Dynamics and manoeuvring- simulator training.
  • International Collision avoidance modules with assessment.
  • General engineering safety including assessment.
  • Understanding planned maintenance and its role in safety management/ISM.
  • Psychometric Analysis – if you understand your personality traits you can better understand those of your work colleagues and be a more effective team.

Courses are held throughout Asia-Pacific region with the main hubs being China, Singapore, PNG, and Philippines.

As part of the training course, meeting with senior managers’ takes place to offer networking opportunities. For the courses held in Singapore, company’s senior management take the opportunity to meet with our sea going personnel and discuss operations, development plans, company’s strategic direction as well as personal matters. Similar opportunities are presented at the Officers Forums held regularly in various locations.

Given CNCo’s presence in PNG and the large number of PNG seafarers we employ, CNCo works closely with the PNG Maritime College, the leading centre of maritime knowledge and skills in the South Pacific. CNCo runs regular safety courses at the College for officers and crew using CNCo’s proprietary SAC. These courses are carried out in partnership with the Steamships Trading Company Limited and the Consort Express Lines Limited.

Cadet Training and recruitment - Prospective Chinese and Filipino cadets go through a rigorous selection process with only about 30% of the applicants being selected following an assessment process based on a recognised Singapore standard coupled with the assessment of cadets’ communications skills, motivation and attitude. Cadets are thoroughly trained on board and are required to follow not only their own national training programme but CNCo’s own training programme which must be completed before promotion can be approved.

All CNCo officers and cadets have to meet compliance with the statutory Standards for Training and Certification of Watch keepers (STCW) requirements; CNCo’s own training is additional and further enhances the quality of our officers.

Training for shore management is equally intensive and makes up part of each manager’s Key Performance Indicators which are reviewed annually by executive management. CNCo recognises that ship managers as well as the Designated Person Ashore (DPA) must stay abreast of training requirements in particular on the “soft skill” elements that are essential to ensure that management has the ability to engage with our sea-staff and listen to their concerns and make decisions following “Just culture” philosophy.


China Navigation: Crew Orientation Training (S-Class)