Sustainable Shipping Initiative

Shipping positively affects the lives of billions of people, with 90% of the world’s international trade travelling by sea. The industry accounts for approximately three per cent of global CO2 emissions and there is growing scrutiny of its wider social and environmental impacts.

The industry now faces a range of social and environmental challenges, such as rising and volatile fuel prices, shifting markets and patterns of trade, and changing governance structures, which are analysed in the Case for Action and which then explores how best to react to them.

Many key players in the industry are aware of these factors, but, unlike the aviation and auto sectors, have not yet acted decisively to prepare shipping for this new world. Shipping has a compelling case as the most energy-efficient freight service, but any return to growth will be unsustainable if the industry does not innovate to cut costs and reduce its environmental impacts.

China Navigation is a founder member of The Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI), which is designed to help the industry make long-term plans for future success. An industry with long-lived assets needs long-term thinking, and the SSI aims to help members think beyond the next regulation or design tweak.

The SSI is a four-stage initiative designed to help the industry make long-term plans for future success. Its members are leading companies from around the world plus the NGOs Forum for the Future and WWF. The cross-industry group represents the entire shipping value chain from factory gate to consumer: ship owners and charterers, shipbuilders, engineers and service providers, producers who ship cargo, banking, insurance, and classification. Find out more here.

On 31st October 2011, the SSI issued its Vision 2040 statement – a shared vision of an industry in 2040 which is resilient, socially and environmentally responsible and profitable. It also detailed the first set of practical work streamsthrough which the SSI would begin to make Vision 2040 a reality.

China Navigation was a core member of the pilot “Cradle to Cradle” Closed Loop Material Management work stream that was launched at an  event on 26 April 2012 during Singapore Maritime Week. This work stream was established to investigate how ships could be better designed, built, operated and dismantled to make the recycling of materials and components more efficient, and to find out whether this would increase a ship’s value.

The SSI returned to Singapore on 26 September 2013 to report back to the industry the results of each of the four work streams as “The Case For More Action”.

China Navigation will continue to work with the SSI on its next work programmes, including one that is looking at the feasibility of engaging with the less sustainable ship recycling businesses to help them raise their game. This will be to the benefit of their workers’ Health and Safety and the quality of the environment in which they and their families live.

CNCo has also signed up with Forum For the Future as one of a trio of Swire group Maritime Partners. This Maritime Partnership seeks to leverage our synergies and to seamlessly embed our sustainability in to the business organisation, from our Strategic Vision through our Objectives and Goals, to the service product we provide for our customers.