No Smoking Policy

The China Navigation Company (CNCo), in line with the global trend towards a safer, cleaner indoor environment in the work place, is committed to protecting the health of all employees and others on board its owned and managed ships from the dangers of smoking. It is not CNCo’s intention to prohibit smoking on board ship; but to restrict the areas where smoking can take place, so non smoking staff are protected from passive smoking, while smokers can gain access to a designated safe smoking locations in their off duty periods.

To assist in meeting these commitments, the Master must post a notice in the recreation and mess rooms, engine control room, cargo office and on the bridge, clearly designating safe smoking locations outside the accommodation.

At these designated safe locations:

  • Smoking may be suspended if it interferes with normal safety requirements on board or in port.
  • The deck access code must be followed.
  • Suitable receptacles must be provided for extinguishing discarded cigarette butts.

Apart from the above designated safe smoking locations, smoking will not be allowed in any cabin, public and office space or recreation area within the accommodation, nor any working area, bridge, machinery spaces, workshops or control rooms, galley and pantries, store rooms, under deck passageways, cranes, cargo areas, main decks, poop decks, mooring decks or forecastle spaces on board the ship.

CNCo requires all persons on board its ships to adhere to this policy and to ensure that it is followed at all times.

The Master will be responsible for implementing the No Smoking Policy and will issue either verbal or written warnings to offenders who do not comply.

For persistent offenders, this may lead to further disciplinary action.

The No Smoking Policy will be reviewed, with changes made if necessary, to reflect changing circumstances. CNCo encourages smokers to reduce their dependency on tobacco by providing literature on the effects of smoking and poor health.

This No Smoking Policy reflects CNCo’s commitment to providing a healthy environment for all staff and visitors on board company vessels.


James Woodrow

Managing Director