Health and Safety Policy


CNCo is committed to ensuring that Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) considerations are an integral part of its decisionmaking process and culture. CNCo’s philosophy is never to allow business objectives to compromise the health and safety of its employees, customers, visitors, contractors and the wider community.

Recognising that all operational and occupational situations involve some level of risk, CNCo will, through its management processes, identify material hazards and assess the risks to minimize workplace related injuries and harm to health. CNCo will also promote this policy in joint ventures as well as to business partners and suppliers.

CNCo will engage external service providers to carry out regular auditing in ensuring compliance with this policy.

To achieve these objectives CNCo will:

  • Provide a safe working environment and adequate resources to meet OH&S goals and targets.
  • Consider OH&S in the design, planning and conduct of all business activities.
  • Effectively communicate this Health and Safety Policy to employees and contractors.
  • Maintain OH&S standards that meet or exceed legal requirements and CNCo’s customers’ expectations.
  • Continually review OH&S procedures through the Safety Management System (SMS) to ensure CNCo employees follow best practice and proactively identify unsafe practices or activities.
  • Monitor OH&S KPIs.
  • Require CNCo staff to adhere to its OH&S procedures, whilst encouraging contractors, suppliers and customers to implement and follow a Health and Safety Policy themselves that meets similar legal standards.
  • Encourage CNCo staff to maintain a high standard of Health and Safety consciousness. Management, in turn, will ensure that all staff have the required facilities, training and support to achieve this.
  • Continuously improve OH&S management system practices to match changes in international legislation requirements, industry best practice, scientific knowledge and technology, community and employee expectations.
  • Ensuring all work activities are carried out by competent trained people in particular all employees and contractors shall:

                 - Follow established Health and Safety rules and procedures;
                 - Only operate plant, equipment and machinery that they are competent and authorized to operate;
                 - Report all accidents, incidents, injuries, near misses and identified hazards to their immediate supervisor or manager;
                 - Set an example of good, safe behaviour.


James Woodrow

 Managing Director