Uniform Policy

In keeping with its commitment to operating at the highest possible standards, The China Navigation Company (CNCo) requires a smart and professional appearance of all those working on board its owned and managed ships.

This Uniform Policy reflects CNCo’s commitment to high standard of dress befitting the quality and the performance of the personnel it employs.

To achieve this CNCo will:

  • Initially supply all officers with uniform clothing for use in both hot and cold climates in accordance with the requirements laid down.
  • Make available on board each CNCo ship replacement and supplementary items of uniform to all officers.
  • Require all officers to wear uniform when:
    • On watch, day and night on the bridge.
    • In port when on duty and not wearing Personal Protective Clothing (PPE).
    • At mealtimes in the ship’s dining saloon.
    • Entertaining CNCo’s or Charterers’ guests.
  • In addition, require the Master and Chief Engineer, when not wearing PPE, to wear uniform:
    • During their working day both at sea and in port.
    • At any time when on the Bridge.
    • When dealing with any shore personnel on board the ship.
  • Disciplinary action may be taken in the event of noncompliance with this policy.


James Woodrow

  Managing Director